Single Origins Elevator Pitch
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Single Origins Elevator Pitch

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Introducing the Elevator Pitch sampler pack from Grinds Plus ‚Äď the perfect way to experience six unique and delicious specialty grade coffees from around the world.

Each 2oz sample pack features coffee from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Honduras, and Tanzania, all roasted to perfection by our team of experts. These coffees have been carefully selected for their exceptional quality, taste, and certifications.

In Brazil, you'll experience a medium roast with a natural process and cocoa tasting notes. Colombia offers a medium roast with European Process, Specialty Grade, and a flavor profile of dried orange, berry, and chocolate. Costa Rica features a medium roast with SHB/EP rating, and a sweet taste of apple, raisin, and honey.

Ethiopia Harrar brings a medium roast with natural process and G1 rating, with flavors of berry, honey, and chocolate. Honduras offers a medium-dark roast with SHG, EP, and Organic ratings, along with a delicious taste of caramel, spice, and brown sugar. Finally, Tanzania rounds out the sampler pack with a medium-light roast and AB rating, featuring pear, floral, jasmine, and strawberry tasting notes.

All of these coffees are specialty grade with a score of 85+ points, placing them in the top 5-7% of coffee in the world. You won't find this level of quality or variety in your local grocery store.

The Elevator Pitch sampler pack is a great way to get to know us, but it also makes a great gift for the coffee lover in your life. Order yours today and experience the best of what the world has to offer in specialty coffee.

Sample Pack Contents

Roast Level: Medium
Ratings/Certs: Natural Process
Tasting Notes: Cocoa

Roast Level: Medium
Ratings/Certs: European Process. Specialty Grade
Tasting Notes:  Dried Orange | Berry | Chocolate

Costa Rica
Roast Level:  Medium
Ratings/Certs:  SHB/EP Rating.
Tasting Notes: Sweet Apple | Raisin | Honey

Ethiopia Harrar
Roast Level:  Medium
Ratings/Certs:  Natural Process. G1 Rating.
Tasting Notes:  Berry | Honey | Chocolate

Roast Level: Medium-Dark
Ratings/Certs: SHG. EP, Organic
Tasting Notes:  Caramel | Spice | Brown Sugar

Roast Level: Medium-Light
Ratings/Certs: AB Rating
Tasting Notes:  Pear | Floral | Jasmine | Strawberry

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Coffee Lover
Variety Pack

I love being able to have so much variety from one shipment. Can really taste the distinction between South American and African coffees.