About Grinds Plus

Have you ever lay awake on a Sunday night worried about going to work on Monday or worse yet, "What happens if I get furloughed or outsourced? How will I provide for my family?"  Maybe you're worried your emergency fund won’t last long enough or maybe you don't even have one. I've been there! Should a company have that much control over your life? Absolutely not!

What's the solution?

Well first of all you shouldn't worry. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:25-34, "do not worry", so put effort towards a solution. Solutions like controlling your own destiny through entrepreneurship, income diversification, and enjoying what you do.

Oftentimes on Monday mornings after the “Sunday Scaries”, the thing I did look forward to about work was drinking my morning coffee, during the commute, while listening to my favorite startup podcasts.

I had side hustles like PC Repair and Web Development which were ok, but very adjacent to my day job and at times could be a drag. I also wanted to make something tangible that people could enjoy. I asked myself, "What do I enjoy and enjoy daily?" The answer was "Coffee!"  So I started Grinds Plus where the mission is to dependably and conveniently deliver high quality coffee and opportunities to entrepreneurial minded people who grind each day to secure their future.

Our coffee is sourced from 20+ countries from around the world and roasted to order. This coffee is specialty grade coffee with a score of 85 points or greater on the Specialty Coffee Association’s scale, putting it in the range of Excellent. This makes our coffee the top 5-7% of coffee in the world.

Metaphorically, there is opportunity in every cup of coffee, because coffee can give you the spark needed to do what needs doing.  There's also the tangible financial opportunity of a 10% commission in every bag of coffee you sell through The Grinds Plus Affiliate Program.

To help other entrepreneurs on their path we also donate 10% of sales of our dark roast, Black Capital, to causes that focus on helping disadvantaged startup founders.

Our vision for the future is for Grinds Plus to become the coffee brand of choice for entrepreneurs.