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1 Year Coffee Gift Subscription

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In search of a gift? Send a prepaid coffee gift subscription!  People who drink coffee tend to love coffee, so imagine their delight when they get a 12 ounce bag of our best in the mail. This is a roaster's choice coffee subscription, so every month we'll send the gift recipient the coffee of the month with a roast profile that brings out the best flavor from the beans.  No repeats! Your gift ships free and the longer the subscription the better the value.  The first shipment will be sent 2-3 days after order is placed.

Want to try this subscription for yourself? This is a judgement free zone! When you check out just make the shipping address your own.

Picking the Right Grind

Whole Bean - As it sounds, these beans aren't ground which allows you to do it yourself.  Allows for the most variety and shelf life

Drip Grind - This is the best grind for automatic drip coffee makers but will also work well with pour-over brewers.  A great universal grind.

Espresso Grind - Works with espresso makers, Aeropresses, and Moka Pots.

French Press Grind - As the name suggest this grind works well for French Presses but also good for cold brew.

Some Coffees to Expect

  • Ethiopia Natural
  • African Union Espresso
  • Stay Woke
  • Uganda - Sipi Falls
  • Saturday Mornings Breakfast Blend
  • Tanzanian
  • "& Chill"
  • Ethiopia Harrar
  • GP Espresso
  • Kenyan
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Christmas Blend

Rated GP Good

Our coffee is sourced from 20+ countries from around the world along the equator. Our single origin coffee is specialty grade coffee with a score of 85 points or greater putting it in the range of Excellent. This makes our coffee the top 5-7% of coffee in the world.

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